We rent LED Videowalls

LED Videowalls are now the industry standard for today's venues. Let us help you make your next event one to remember.  We can offer indoor and outdoor videowall technology.  Your LED Videowall can be freestanding, or flown, to suit your space. We provide setup, technical support and take down for every step of your rental.  We partner with some of the larger events in western Canada.

Maximize your venue space with LED screens instead of rear projection.  We offer LED screens that can create a display in almost any size and configuration.  Our inventory features high-resolution 3 mm indoor panels, as well 4 mm and 8 mm panels that are suitable of indoor and outdoor use.

P3.9 Indoor Full-colour LED Display Screen

P4.8 Outdoor Full-colour LED Display Screens
P8.925 Outdoor Full-colour LED Display Screen

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